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We ask your prayers for these couples who are planning to be married in one our churches:

Weddings, baptisms and funerals are known as "occasional offices of the Church of England". This is because for any one person they will happen only occasionally. Usually these occasional services take place in your local church, though baptisms and funerals can be arranged in any of our churches. New rules also now make it easier to get married in the church of your choice.

Your first point of contact is the Benefice administrator, Lyn Banks at the Benefice Office in the Church Rooms, Dickleburgh (right next to the church) either in person, by phone 741994, or by email to, or ring her mobile 07811 133567.

The office phone number is 01379 741994 The Benefice Office is normally open Tuesday to Friday 10 - 12 am.

One of the other priests or lay readers will be asked to take the service. If you would like a particular person then let her know when you make the initial enquiry. They are listed on the Who’s who? Page - just click the button on the left.

If you prefer to visit in person then the benefice office beside the church in Dickleburgh is open most Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Call in on the off-chance, or ring for an appointment.

Wedding Preparation

If you are planning a church wedding you may like to download some helpful advice on what to consider.

Any of our priests, Norman, Paul, or John, will help you to prepare for your big day with a special Course. Each has his own unique way of delivering this and you should talk to your chosen priest about it.

If you are interested in a more formal marriage preparation, which can be taken at any time, even after you are married, ask for the "Marriage Preparation Course"

For details of The Marriage Preparation Course click on the link below, or call  or 01379 741200 for more details.

For general information about weddings, baptisms and funerals click on the links below, which will give you general information about these services in the Church of England.

These links will take you away from our site, and some of the information may not apply to our benefice.

Wedding Fact Sheet

In preparation

Marriage Preparation Course
Weddings, Baptisms, FuneralsOccasional offices

If you are authorised to add bookings to the Benefice Calendar then please sign in here: