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Sundays will focus on Our Church(es), Mondays on the wider church, Tuesdays on the world, Wednesdays our local communities, Thursdays on those who are suffering, Fridays on our benefice and Saturdays on our mission work.  

Cycle of 5 weeks:

Week 1

Sun:  Our clergy team – rector, ministers & readers

Mon:  The Diocese of Norwich and its Bishops

Tue:  Current issue

Wed:  Children & young people

Thu:  Those who are ill

Fri:   Our outreach work with non-churchgoers

Sat:  Christian Aid, Water Aid, Hope Africa

Week 2  

Sun: Our church wardens, readers and sacristans

Mon:  The work of the wider church in inner city areas

Tue:  Current issue

Wed:  Young families

Thu:  Those who are bereaved & grieving

Fri:  Our outreach work with families locally

Sat:  Children’s Society, Salvation Army, Royal British Legion

Week 3  

Sun:  All those who look after the fabric of our churches and churchyards

Mon:  The work of the wider church with the homeless

Tue:  Current issue

Wed:  The unemployed and those in need

Thu:   Those who are lonely and alone

Fri: The work of the clergy team across the benefice

Sat:  All Hallows Hospital, Norfolk Churches Trust, EACH

Week 4  

Sun:  All those leading & attending Sunday schools and the various types of ‘messy church’

Mon:  The work of the wider church with families

Tue:  Current issue

Wed:  The elderly and infirm

Thu:  Those facing separation and/or divorce

Fri:  Our developing links within & across the benefice

Sat:  Magdalena Group, INF, Food Bank

Week 5

Sun:  All those leading and attending church clubs

Mon:  The work of the wider church throughout the world

Tue:  Current issue

Wed:  Our schools in Dickleburgh & Pulham Market

Thu:  Those with financial problems

Fri:  Our work to develop readers and worship assistants

Sat:  Diocesan Lent Appeal, YANA, Blue Cross,