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Monday     6.30am Benefice Prayers (e-mail and facebook);

    9am Open Prayer Pulham Market;

First Tuesday  2pm Meditation at Rushall Church;

Tuesday     9am Morning Prayer Thelveton;

Wednesday 5.30pm Evening Prayer Pulham St Mary;

Thursday    9am Open Prayer Starston;

Friday        Church Open Rushall;

Saturday    9.15am Open Prayer Dickleburgh

Service Rota Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary

Sunday Readings Year A


Service rotas

For full details of benefice services, readings, and the prayer diary for the year follow the links below:

Please Pray for:     

Sun:  Our clergy team – rector, ministers & readers

Mon:  The Diocese of Norwich and its Bishops

Tue:  Safe travel for Holiday makers

Wed:  Children & young people

Thu:  Those who are ill

Fri:   Our outreach work with non-churchgoers

Sat:  Christian Aid, Water Aid, Hope Africa

Next Week’s Services:

30th July - Trinity 7 (Green) - Yr A

Dickleburgh   10.00am        Benefice Communion      JA

This week

- Mon 24:   7.30pm Prayer Meeting at 4, Selwyn Court, Pulham Market (Marianne & Jaaps’)

-Tues 25:  11.30am Internment of Lilian (Joan) Green Ashes at Starston Church

-Wed:26:   Midsummer walk from Rushall

-Thu 27:    7.30pm Churchwardens and Treasurers Meeting in the Church Rooms

Sun 30:     10am Benefice Communion at Dickleburgh followed by “First Fruits”,

                a seasonally appropriate accompaniment to our after service coffee and chat

Next week

-Mon 31:    3.00pm Internment of Raymond Robert “Ray” Reeve ashes in Starston Churchyard

                 7.30pm Prayer Meeting/Bible Study at Pulham Market

-Tue 1:      2.00pm Meditation, Lyston, Pulham Market

-Sat 5:      10.00am Coffee Morning Dickleburgh Church Rooms

-Sat 5:      The Classic Car Rally at the start of Open Churches Week will visit Dickleburgh and

                Pulham Market churches this year. Around 100 cars will go from Dickleburgh through

                Rushall, Starston and Pulham St Mary to reach Pulham Market around 2.30pm for a

                service at 3.30pm with the bishop of Norwich.

-Sat 5:      6.00pm Fete and barbecue at Conifer Hill, Starston

-Sat 5 - Sun 13 August: Open Churches Week

Future events

-Mon 7:    7.30pm Dickleburgh PCC in the Church       

-Thu 10:   7.30pm Lyfe group at Weggs Farm. This is an informal evening of Bible study and

               fellowship, and is open to all. Ring Mags (741200) for details

-Sat 12:    9.00am Benefice Prayer Breakfast at Rushall Church Rooms

This Week’s Services:
23rd July - Trinity 6 (Green) - Yr A

Pulham Market     9.30am     (Patronal Festival)       WA

                                               Sunday Worship

Pulham St Mary   9.30am        Holy Communion        NS

Dickleburgh         9.30am        Parish Communion     JA

Rushall              11.00am        Sunday Worship         MA

Starston            11.00am        Great and Small     Warden +

Thelveton          11.00 am       Sunday Worship        WA

Office Hours this week

Tuesday       10.00 - 12.00

Wednesday  10.00 - 12.00

Thursday     10.00 - 12.00

Friday         10.00 - 12.00

Please note that any items for next week's  

pewslip must be in by 9.00am Friday. Send to or 01379 741994